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Past Events 2007
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Dec 21, 2007  Art Exhibition on Navagraha  Prakrit Art Gallery  Manisha Raju 

Art Exhibition on "Navagraha" by artist Manisha Raju at Prakrit Art Gallery.

Inauguration on Friday, 21st December, 2007 at 6: 00 PM. Reserve a painting now.
Clich here to view profile of Manisha Raju.

Nov 21, 2007  Royal Tigers of Bengal  Prakrit Art Gallery, Kotturpuram, Chennai - 85  Group show 
Show is from: : November 21  - December 14,  2007
Oct 18, 2007  Southern Metaphor  Prakrit Art Gallery   Achuttan Kudallur, Adimoolam .K.M, Alphonso Doss, Asma menon, Azis .T.M, Baala .R, Babu Xavier, Benitha Perciyal, Bhaskaran .R.B, Douglas .C, Gopinath .P, Hari Dasan .K.V, Mark Rathinaraj .S, Muralidharan .K, Palaniappan .Rm, Raju Durshettiwar .D, Ramesh  

Contact: 42188989 / 24472207  Pic: Ms. Vani / Ms. Priya

Oct 1, 2007  i saw i share  Venue: Academy of Fine Arts & Literature, New Delhi  S. Mark Ratinaraj 

01 - 05 October 2007
Contact: prakritarts@gmail.com

Sep 7, 2007  Defining Space  Academy of Fine Arts & Literature, Delhi  Raju Durshettiwar 
Contact: Ms.Priya at prakritarts@gmail.com | Phone: 044-42082078
Aug 27, 2007  Exhibition by Prakrit Art Gallery  Birla Academy, Kolkata  Famous artists 

From Aug 27, 2007 to Sept 2nd 2007
Contact persons: Ms. Priya or Ms. Vani | Tel: 91 44 42082078

Aug 13, 2007  ENIGMA  Nepal  K.M. Adimoolam, Akhilesh, Harshavardana,Jayashree Chakravarty & Yogesh Rawal 

Watch more to get inspired by Prakrit,  an eminent art gallery of Chennai is celebrating India's 62nd Independence day at Kathmandu,Nepal.

Mar 12, 2007  Conglomeration - an exhibition of Indian contemporary artists 2007  Kitab Mahal, MUMBAI  Indian contemporary artists 

Meena Dadha of Prakrit presents Conglomeration - Indian contemporary artists 2007
on March 12, 2007, at Kitab Mahal, 4th Floor, 192, D.N Road, MUMBAI 400001.

How it started...

2nd August 2002:
Inauguration Exhibition of Paintings by V.Solanki
14th to 17th November 2002:
Exhibition of Paintings on Silk by Rajul and Charu from
19th to 23rd December : 

Mr. Richard D. Haynes Consul General of USA, Chennai inaugurated the exhibition Of Paintings & Sculpture by Ashish Sarkar, Dibyendu Dey, Prithwiraj Mali Of Shanti Niketan, West Bengalon

25th January 2003:
Exhibition and Sale of prints/lithographs by William Hodges, Daniel and others
10th February 2003:
Exhibition and Sale of European furniture and designs from
10th April to 15th April. 2003:
For the first time in India, Display of unique paintingsInnovatively using sand, by group of artists from Rajastan.
10th May. 2003:
Display of paintings by V.Solanki and group of artists From Gujrat
21st and 22nd June 2003:
Prakrit Arts proudly presents, preview of its paintings of South Indian Contemporary Artists to be exhibited in London.
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