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Situated on a quite avenue and surrounded by fresh greenery is Prakrit Art Gallery at Kotturpuram in Chennai. The gallery was inaugurated on 2nd August 2002 by Mr.V.Solanki, the renowned artist, from Gujarat. Mrs.Meena Dadha is the founder of Prakrit Art Gallery. Mrs.Meena Dadha is also the founder of Mukti, a Charitable Organisation helping the amputees and polio victims attain mobility. Mukti also focuses on highlighting on the talents of the physically challenged artists whose creations are at par with the best artistic talents of India. Mukti, a registered charitable institution helping the amputees and polio victims was established by Mrs. Meena Dadha. As a part of its awareness programme Mukti organized several art workshop involving leading artists from various states of India who interacted with the talented physically challenged artists during the weak long art workshops. The paintings created by the artists during the monthly art workshops were gifted to Mukti to augment the financial resources to help the amputees and polio victims. These paintings are displayed at Prakrit Art Gallery.

The art lovers can have the satisfaction of owning good paintings by the leading artists of India and at the same time having contributed their mite to the welfare of the amputees and polio victims. For details, please contact either +91 44 52082078 or +91 44 22346973. Please visit the web pages of Mukti at http://www.muktiindia.org for further details.

Within a year of its establishment, Prakrit Art Gallery emerged as a leading player within the art market circuit. It has organized many exhibitions of paintings by artists from all over the country. Please click the link Meet the Artists to know more about the paintings and their creators displayed at our gallery.

In 2003, Prakrit Art Gallery organized its first overseas exhibition in London. There was an overwhelming response for this exhibition, Now exhibitions in London, Newyork, Malaysia and Dubai are planned for the year 2004. The Exhibition in London and Newyork is scheduled during October 2004 followed the other international exhibitions. Click here for more info.. Creations of Artists from all corners of India are displayed at Prakrit Art Gallery.

Prakrit Art Gallery exhibits artworks of physically challenged artists sponsored by MUKTI

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